Food Service/Wholesaler

Unlock and realise your cheese potential.


Confidentiality: You are assured of confidentiality and discretion during and after any investigations of your business affairs.


Understanding your aims:

  • take your Cheese more seriously.
  • improve the structure and effectiveness of your Cheese category.
  • maximise profit from your Cheese category.
  • develop or consolidate your Cheese category.
  • align your cheese offering better with your business needs.
  • ensure you are buying best.
  • create the right Cheese offering for a new business area.
  • understand how to take the next steps to greater Cheese profitability and purchasing independence by reducing the Links in your Cheese chain.
  • better Link your purchasing and sales functions.

Business analysis:


Purchasing: you are only as good as your suppliers. Buy direct, buy best.

Your business success starts here. Like any effective weapon, you have to produce the right ammunition for your sales team. You need the right quality/price ratio for your customers to remain a valued supplier. Of course, your personal and effective service is essential but if you want to be competing on all fronts, the quality and price always has to be right.

  • We will evaluate your supplier base and identify where there are supplier changes that can improve your quality/price ratio and provide more product options.
  • We will assess your existing product purchase volumes, frequency of ordering, product shelf life and storage capacity and show you the best way forward.
  • We will assess your existing product purchase volumes and show you how to Link with sales to sell more to create significant savings and greater profitability.
  • We will show you how easy it is to import directly from Europe, introduce you to suppliers who can deliver the quality and price you need, walk you and your finance team through Euro currency purchasing.
  • We will always find the right suppliers for you.

Rules: Never accept you have the best deal. Remain flexible and proactive; keep up with product trends; don’t always take the easy option.

Sales: look after what you have and look to the future.

Sales is about strategy. Where am I, where do I want to go and what do I need to get there? Work with your existing distribution capabilities and ensure you maximise that potential. Are you content with your existing customer base? Do you want to evolve and be involved in new business areas? Do you have the products and expertise to break into these areas? What is your attitude to risk and will you speculate to accumulate? With risk can come reward.

  • We will evaluate your customer base and the Cheese opportunities that lie within that base.
  • We will assess the competition in your area and discuss ways that you can enhance and better present your offering to develop your current business and help build new business.
  • We will oversee your range rationalisation and development to suit your current and future business, using suppliers that have suitable product ranges.
  • We will discuss the viability, probability of success and financial risk in investing in and developing a new distribution area.

Cheese List Development:

Present your Cheese range to suit your business and your customers. Understand your target audience and be clear and coherent in the Cheeses you choose to list. Avoid any unnecessary inclusions that bulk out your offering and dilute the impact of what you are good at selling.

We will assess your Cheese price list and with the results of the sales and purchasing analysis make any relevant changes to include:

  • Presentational changes to provide a list that is sequential and easy to read.
  • New product categories where necessary.
  • Inclusion of new products.
  • Inclusion of data including milk types, pasteurisation, vegetarian, Cheesemaker et al.

New Product Development:

We will offer our expertise and experience in both sourcing and developing new products for your key customers. NPD is the lifeblood of your cheese range, keeping your customers stimulated and giving your sales team new products to promote. NPD is proactive and keeps you ahead of the competition.


National Restaurant/Catering Chains/Industry

Identify and reduce the Links in your Cheese Chain.

  • There is a chance that at one stage your business started out with one restaurant and over time grew into a huge group.
  • In the beginning you were close to your chosen Cheese supply but with size comes geographical spread and logistical issues.
  • You may have had to move from your original specialist Cheese supplier to a national supplier/distributor.
  • You may now have an in-house buyer or you may have contracted your procurement out to a third party agent…or both.
  • You may have become detached from the true cost of your Cheese and have too many Links in the chain.
  • You may no longer have a Cheese specialist in charge of your Cheese and your business might benefit from more knowledgeable input.

We offer an experienced and independent supply analysis which will provide an accurate and impartial assessment of your buying and where you can improve with your Cheese procurement.

We can offer you direct supply options from Cheese producers of proven quality and technical ability to your chosen distributor.

We will break down and share with you all associated costs including:

  • Product cost into distribution
  • Transport cost into distribution
  • Currency purchases

We also work with your NPD teams to quickly source the right new products for you utilising our extensive supply base in the UK and Europe.

Interim Management Services

We can offer an Interim Management service to help implement the various improvements that we highlight during consultation. This will allow for the speediest and most effective transformation of your business development and with relevant training of key individuals in your organisation allow you to build on the progress at the end of the contract.